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“All I can say is, it’s the Footballing bible”

I dont know if its the right address to write to but i must just write what a revelation the Coerver Coaching method has been to me. Back in the 70`s as a young player I remember the teacher and parent coaches I had they could only coach the team and a few tacticle practices , yes it helped but it lacked what the coaches couldn’t teach because they couldn’t do. As a player i reached quite a good standard, choosing to join the military than a football career was a regret but i managed to play against Celtic and Rangers which was a fantastic experience,  up against some footballing greats such as Pat Bonner, Tommy Burns , Billy stark (Celtic) and Billy Thompson (Rangers).
Since becomming a parent and being at the begining of my 40`s i decided to hang up my boots and look into coaching . I live in Germany and most of the parent  coaches in my local area lack the ability to coach individually and i wondered why it was missing , i played and watched amature football on a regular basis and found young children as well as adults lacking in basic ball skills , so before i took up coaching i searched the web, bookshops and dvd´s looking for the missing link in amature coaching.
As a Brit i naturally looked into English websites and came across  which was a massive help into the insight of coaching, organisation, do´s and dont´s, the basic general  coaching ideas i needed to get started.
But i still searched for that ” special one” if you know what i mean and came across Inside Soccer. com , I thought  wow this is more like it , skills that i can do as a player and an insight on how to bring it across to my group of 4 to 6 yr olds.
Then after a while i recieved an email advert for coerver coaching , All i can say is, it´s the footballing bible , Its just what i would of loved as a child and exactly the missing link in my sessions .
I first bought the skills dvd and was flabbergasted of how young children could do such fancy footwork , So i brought the improve your game dvd again i was amazed, it  got me practicing and brushing up on my skills ,which you can imagine my wifes face watching as her 5yr old son and her 40yr old husband learning new skills in the living room!! . My son who has been kicking footballs since the age of 2 and who´s heros are Fernando Torres ,Pele and Johan Cruyff has had an amazing time practicing the footskills , He is  strong with the right foot and now confident with left foot and can do quite a few tricks aswell.. Sorry to babble on , But really Thanks to such a marvelous insight to the coaching world. Next buy is definatly the session planner and  make your move dvds. Toby B.

DVD Feedback – The Ultimate Bundle

Hi Chas, 

Hope all is well. Thanks for the early reply. It’s all good now. The “Coerver Coaching Ultimate Bundle” is brilliant. I’ve been having successful sessions with my team, & their enthusiasm, ability, performance have been terrific. The session planning is a lot
of fun. In the not too distant future I WILL be attending one of your Coaching Clinics, & hopefully get some of the squad to join in the kids camps.


Steve R.


DVD Feedback

Alf Galustian Charlie Cooke  I did receive the videos last evening. I have to say that I totally agree it is a new era. I am happy to say that I have the opportunity to assist my son coach my grandsons U-6 team. It is a pleasure and the children are eager to learn and have fun at the […]

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“Success at U8, U10, and U12′s”


“I recommend the Coerver way to any coach that wants their players to develop the necessary skills to play the modern game. Watching players progress using the videos will help any coach develop more skilful players, which provides the foundation for a winning team. “  It’s not just coaches in the USA that have benefited […]

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“Perfect for working with young players”

Coerver is also perfect for working with young players. Graham Airnes, Primary school teacher, England  “I am a teacher at a primary school we use your idea and drills as well as the videos to teach football skills to children ages 4-11. Developing two footed control, improving fitness and having fun with over 600 children […]

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“Approach is Priceless”

Coach Kennedy Bwibo from Nairobi Kenya  “Before I used to think that lesser players or average players cannot make it to the top and also used to think that only natural talent are the only good players. But after discovering the Coerver player development philosophy my girl’s team have produced great results and are delightful […]

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Technique of the Week #1

The Sole/Heel Roll

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Command The Ball!

What if there were 4 simple exercises that could vastly improve your team’s ball mastery? Ball mastery is essential for any aspiring soccer player. The ability to deftly control the motion of the ball, all the while paying attention to everything else that is going on is vital. It is one of the easiest things […]

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